We’re here to do our part.

That’s why social change is part of our business model.

Each for profit training experience is tied to a non-profit initiative. When you invest in your success through our training programs, you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re also helping support the fight against malaria, the education of young entrepreneurs, and providing clean water sources to communities around the world.

Here are our current partners.

Nothing But Nets

partnered with

Inner Power Mastermind

Nothing But Nets is a global, grassroots campaign to raise awareness and funding to fight malaria, a leading cause of death among children in Africa. Their goal is to end malaria deaths by 2015 and their success to date is a testament to the power of passionate people coming together to make the world a better, healthier place. When you invest in developing your inner power by joining the Inner Power Mastermind, we donate a portion of the sales to purchasing a long-lasting, insecticide-treated bed net, distributing it, and educating communities on its use. We are pleased to call them our partner and to join them in their quest.

Global H2O

partnered with

GFTG Coaching

The water problem is vast, but their solution is simple and effective. Global H2O provides clean water sources to communities through construction of wells, rain harvesting facilities, and spring boxes. They contract with organizations in developing countries to identify where they can significantly improve lives in a short period of time, with minimal expense and complexity.
 Here is what is amazing. For the $20 you’d spend on a night out to the local pizza place, a person can have clean water for the rest of his or her life. Our GFTG Coaching Group is a proud supporter and donates a portion of all sales to this wonderful organization.

Junior Achievement

partnered with

Super Sales System

Junior Achievement is the world’s largest organization dedicated to helping prepare young people for the real world by showing them how to generate wealth and effectively manage it, how to create jobs which make their communities more robust, and how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the workplace. I’m proud that all royalties from the launch of the bestselling book Rescue Me! went to this fine organization and we continue to support them with a portion of all sales of the Super Sales System.

Ready to get involved? We would absolutely love you for that. Just invest in yourself and we’ll take care of the rest. Working together, we can make a difference.