How To Not Quit Too Soon


Huayna Picchu is a mountain in Peru that rises over Machu Picchu. Its peak is about 2,720 meters (8920 ft) above sea level and is said to have been the residence for the high priest and the local virgins of the Inca people.

What does this have to do with quitting?

This mountain is a tough one to climb. It is steep and some portions are slippery.

But the beauty you see from his high points is awesome. It is totally worth the effort.

When I made this climb, my legs hurt, my breathing was labored and I was sweating profusely. It was tough and many times I thought of quitting, but I’m so glad I didn’t. What I saw from his peak was incredible and something I’ll never forget.

Being in sales is often what it feels like to climb Huayna Picchu. The path can be challenging, it can hurt and be uncomfortable, and the urge to quit can be overwhelming. But for those that persevere, the rewards are great.

Some research revealed how prevalent quitting is. What I found was crazy scary statistics.

– 80% endure frustration and blame their lack of success on circumstances

– 10% of people accept defeat

– only 10% actually succeed at what they set out to accomplish

Guess who these last ten percent are? They are the sales professionals making the big bucks.

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