Failure Makes You Rich If You Have This …

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Do you want to have tons of money to do whatever you want? Would you like to be able to lounge on the white sandy beaches of St. John in the cold of winter (this is me doing exactly that)? Of course, all of us would.

Then prepare to fail- not just a time or two, but a lot. Ok, I know this is not what you want to hear.

But what if I told you that failure is not so bad if you know how to do this one thing.

It’s a simple word.

I learned to do this at an early age. When I was sixteen years old, I got very sick and had to be hospitalized for two months hundreds of miles from my family. There were tubes sticking out of my body, strange people, different food and lots of doctors. I was alone and afraid.

It was this one thing that made it possible for me to endure this horrible time and see my situation through a different lens.


I learned to reframe everything that was negative into a positive. My hospital room became my art room as I worked on a host of crafts that would become gifts. My IV pole became my friend Buford who was my exercise buddy as I walked the halls.

As the years passed, I realized that successful people did the same thing when they failed. They reframed.

Let me give you three ways failure will make you rich if you embrace reframing.

1) You get smarter.

Failure makes you smart. This is the mentality of successful people. Remember how Thomas Edison replied to the questions asked about his thousands of “failures” as he tried to create the first light bulb? He replied that he hadn’t failed, he had just found 10,000 ways it didn’t work. Now that is reframing at its best!

So every time you experience failure, it is not a negative thing. You are now smarter and are ready to start again.

2) You find answers.

Without failing, you never know if your idea is going to work. I know, it is a crappy way to have to learn answers, but it seems to be the way life works. Without trying the first time, you never move forward and you never reach success.

3) You build inner strength.

When you try something and fail, you will probably feel discouraged, frustrated and upset but these feelings don’t last long if you are determined to be successful. You pick yourself up, try again and are even more focused on a successful outcome.

So, here’s the thing. You will never know how far you can go up the success ladder until you’ve tried and failed.

Stop viewing failure as bad luck, instead look at it as you being one step closer to becoming rich.

So roll up you sleeves and have a go at it. Fail fast and recover quickly to try again.

And I’ll look forward to seeing you on the white beaches of St. John soon!




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