Failure Makes You Rich If You Have This …

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Do you want to have tons of money to do whatever you want? Would you like to be able to lounge on the white sandy beaches of St. John in the cold of winter (this is me doing exactly that)? Of course, all of us would.

Then prepare to fail- not just a time or two, but a lot. Ok, I know this is not what you want to hear.

But what if I told you that failure is not so bad if you know how to do this one thing.

It’s a simple word.

I learned to do this at an early age. When I was sixteen years old, I got very sick and had to be hospitalized for two months hundreds of miles from my family. There were tubes sticking out of my body, strange people, different food and lots of doctors. I was alone and afraid.

It was this one thing that made it possible for me to endure this horrible time and see my situation through a different lens.

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